I help burned out corporate moms get rid of anxiety, sleep and gut issues so they can enjoy balanced hormones, mood, relationships and productivity.

Petra Bartakova

I help burned out corporate moms get rid of anxiety, sleep and gut issues so they can enjoy balanced hormones, mood, relationships and productivity.

Petra Bartakova

Areas of Expertise

  • Doctor of Pharmacy

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), NY

  • Advanced Education in Gut and Hormone Health, IIN, NY

  • Global support in English, Czech, German and Slovak

Petra Bartakova helps burned out corporate moms to conquer stress, boost their energy and balance their hormones in a natural and lasting way. Spending two decades in a corporate environment, simultaneously juggling the roles of an expat mom to three (and one crazy dog), managing family responsibilities, and pursuing her passion for endurance sports, she knows firsthand how the never-ending daily struggle can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Through working on her own well-being and finding her own balance and inner peace, she became committed to helping others on the same journey and sharing her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. Petra lives in Basel, in beautiful Switzerland.

My Story

Since my childhood I have been an endurance athlete dedicating years to training, competing and working hard towards achieving my goals. In my professional journey, I have spent two decades navigating the corporate world, juggling meetings, working around the clock, traveling around the globe, and not resting enough. Then with kids, I wanted to be a great mom and have a perfect family. Not giving up on anything, just piling more and more on my plate, my perfectionism, difficulty to let go or ask for help, living without support in a foreign country, meeting deadlines, never-ending to-do-lists…my life became a relentless cycle and it became more and more difficult to keep my balance.

I thought my healthy diet and regular exercise were enough to keep on going and stay physically and mentally healthy. Well, not forever. When I hit my 40s, a classic midlife awakening, my body simply began to send me signals that it deserved rest and a slower pace. I was waking up at night, my heart and mind racing, leaving me unable to sleep anymore. The following days I felt tired and worried about things I never cared much about. A painful heartburn added a layer to my well-being and quality of life. I felt constantly guilty being a bad mom and not working hard as much as I would like to. I found myself on a hormonal roller-coaster, easily irritable and prone to mood swings. Of course, all had a negative impact on my children and my relationship as well. It was no longer just about me. However, it took me a while to listen to messages from my body and how my adrenals were fatigued.

My turning point was when I was preparing for a mountain race and couldn’t get over a simple respiratory infection. I was so tired, exacerbating all symptoms and making me susceptible to further illness. I had hit a wall, losing all sense of control. I couldn’t manage it all anymore. I couldn’t continue like that. It was no longer about checking off tasks done and achieving another goal. That wasn’t living. I looked for help, tried different programs, courses and medications but those were just masking the symptoms, not going to a root cause and solving my problems. I realised that a solution was in my hands. I had to find my own way to get my health back naturally. Right then and there, my healing started. Step by step.

My own health journey and passion for a healthy and active lifestyle inspired me to become a holistic health coach empowering burned out corporate moms to get rid of anxiety, sleep and gut issues so they can enjoy balanced hormones, moods, relationships and productivity. I felt alone on my journey but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are things you can do to take back control of your health and feel confident in your body again. If you can relate to my story and are someone who wants to beat the stress, find hormonal balance and live a life that is right for you, click the button below and get your FREE starter kit and connect with me.

Stress Less Starter Kit Includes

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